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The project to support, enhance and preserve the heritage of Rubelli S.P.A. was launched in 2019.

The work is aimed at preserving the company’s heritage and know-how, both from the perspective of its historical preservation and from the perspective of its physical preservation, as well at enhancing the value of the company’s history itself.

The historical archives is the depository of activities, of the concrete realization of goods and services and their contextual design, processing, and sale. Its function is to preserve and make accessible the evidence of the history of the company’s production, its creativity, its capacity for innovation and its links to the local area.

The digital archives

An advanced digital system specifically designed to enhance archival heritage by creating a single platform of a web application for archival storage and retrieval and a web application for fully customizable online displays.

To date, more than 5,000 samples, 3,000 fabrics, and numerous documentary collections have been indexed.

Careful filing, in accordance with industry standards, and a rich set of indexes and keywords allow exploration of the archives with precise, timely and cross-referenced searches.

A system of relationships between the index cards makes it possible to link the different stages of fabric production and to reconstruct its history. The archives can be consulted on request.


In 2021, work began to preserve the ancient fabrics and protect them from deterioration.

Each fabric or fabric sample is carefully isolated, laid out, and restored.

Light, dust and moisture are the main causes of fabric deterioration. Therefore, the work of securing the material is of paramount importance.

To protect the fabric from deterioration, a unique identification number is assigned and sewn onto a cardboard label.