“ … Weave, weave the cloth
from your threads which is history firmly captured in the fabric” – CLEMENTE REBORA

The story of an enterprise is told from the study of varied sources. One story, many stories.

The plot and the weave intertwine, and like the fabric, wonderful stories emerge: stories of tradition and technology, of craftsmanship and industrialization, of the Venetian land and internationalization.

A human company that cares about and participates in the affairs of its partners and the local area.


  • The pocket diary

    A glance at Dante Zeno's archives reveals numerous traces of his fatherly attention to his family members - with whom, even in the most businesslike correspondence, he never lacked a gentle touch and attention to the fabric of everyday life - but also to his employees and their loved ones.

  • Traces of an artist

    It was in 1928 that Umberto Bellotto, the genius artist who was able to make iron as light as glass, was called upon by the Minister of Public Works, Giovanni Giuriati...

  • Doing the best possible for everyone

    Before becoming an entrepreneur, he was a retired captain and reservist. This was Dante Zeno Rubelli. He was aware of his role as a servant of the state, and on many occasions he showed sincere and heartfelt care for those who shared with him the piece of history and the land he had been given to live on.