Before becoming an entrepreneur, he was a retired captain and reservist. This was Dante Zeno Rubelli. He was aware of his role as a servant of the state, and on many occasions he showed sincere and heartfelt care for those who shared with him the piece of history and the land he had been given to live on.

For example, he made a charitable donation to his friend, a member of the Order of Merit, who was suddenly taken ill and bedridden in the Hospice of the Incurables; or the Garibaldi Veterans and thethe Association of Ex-Servicemen, remembering his own past in the army and his role as a reservist.

These are just a few of the signs, perhaps the most striking, but certainly not the only ones, of a concern that can be felt very often in his written correspondences, even in his most professional and “dry” letters: a concern for a just and harmonious life, for giving back, if possible, what one has received. Doing good for all, as much as possible, without fuss, and with discretion.